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How to Submit Attendance

Please submit every FRIDAY BY 5

1. After you have completed the “myP12” form, you should begin receiving an email called “P12 FRIDAY BY 5” every Friday morning. 

2. Open the email and click the green button that says “RECORD ATTENDANCE” (If you did not meet, you must click “DID NOT MEET”)

3. Check off the names of those that you met with this week (even if you connected with them outside of your normal meeting time). Then hit Next.

4. (optional) Enter a head count number of any additional guests. Hit next.

5. (optional) Enter any praise/prayer reports, additional notes, or details on people in your group. Hit Next.

6. (optional) Choose who should receive a summary report. 

7. Hit Finish, and you’re done!

How to Run a P12 Meeting

How to Update Your Roster