1. Fellowship (10 minutes)

  • Use this time to connect with everyone in your group.

  • Find out how their week has been! Celebrate someone if they had a big or small achievement!

  • Option: You can use your fellowship time to do some worship if you choose to do so.

  • Open with Prayer

2. “Who Are You Discipling?” (10-20 minutes)

  • Make sure to review the growth in your P12 before you move forward.

  • Start by saying “For those who have already launched their group…” Then ask the following questions to those people:

    • “Did you take attendance on Friday by 5?”

    • “Have you added anyone new to your group?”

    • “Has anyone in your group started their group?”

3. Time to Disciple your group! (40-55 minutes)

  • Click “Power of 12” banner in our church’s app

  • Select the Command that you will be teaching this week (pick up from where you left off last)

  •   If this is your first time, click the “New groups start here” button

  •  Follow the curriculum (it’s written in a way to make it easy on the teacher)

  • Close in prayer (ask for prayer requests)

4. Attendance (5 minutes)

  • Take note of everyone that attended the meeting, and follow up with the people that were absent. (Make sure to meet or call those who missed and set aside some time to disciple them too.)


  •  ALL attendance will be reported every Friday by 5pm

  • How? You will receive an automated email reminder to take attendance.

  •  Click the green button that says “RECORD ATTENDANCE”

  • From there you will see everyone in your group.

  • Check the box for everyone that you met with over the course of week, whether you met them at the normal meeting time or had to meet with them separately.

  • Submit attendance, and you’re done!